2020 Representative Nominations

*** CLOSED ***

Merimbula Basketball Association (MBA) is now calling for representative player and coach nominations for the 2020 calendar year.
Representative selection is an achievement and privilege which offers registered players a fantastic opportunity to enhance their basketball development against high level competition. First and foremost selection will require commitment to the following:
· Your team and coach - attendance at all training sessions and playing with respect and sportsmanship at all times;
· Travel - the main representative tournament the MBA enters teams into (Barrengarry) will require travel to Milton, Shoalhaven, Illawarra and Moss Vale;
· Out-of-pocket expenses - while the MBA endeavours to reduce costs where possible there will inevitably be expenses incurred for travel, accommodation, tournament fees, uniforms and the like;
· Signing Player / Parent / Coach Agreements outlining acceptable behaviour and representative code of conduct.
Dates for the Barrengarry Tournament have now been set as follows:
· Round 1 = 23 February 2020 (U16s/U18s), 1 March 2020 (U12s/U14s) and 15 March 2020 (Youth/Opens)
· Round 2 = 22 March 2020 (U12s/U14s, 29 March 2020 (U16s/U18s) and 19 April 2020 (Youth/Opens)
· Round 3 = 24 May 2020 (U12s/U14s), 31 May 2020 (U16s/U18s) and 14 June 2020 (Youth/Opens)
· Round 4 = 21 June 2020 (U12s/U14s), 28 June 2020 (U16s/U18s) and 5 July 2020 (Youth/Opens)
· Finals = 2 August 2020 and 1 August 2020 (Youth/Opens)
Should other representative / tournament opportunities arise team nomination will be as mutually agreed among families of players and coaches selected for Barrengarry.
Following nomination, team selection will be carried out by the MBA Representative Subcommittee (Kelly Badewitz, Marita Fraser, Adam Jessup and Matt Collins) who have closely monitored games this season, and selection will be based on the following as a minimum:
· Acknowledgement of representative commitment points outlined above;
· Attitude (respect, sportsmanship, application, effort, attention);
· Playing ability (game awareness, skill, demonstration of sound technique); and
· Determination and desire.
Nominations are due by Sunday 8 December, will only be accepted via email to the MBA administration email address: merimbulabasketball@gmail.com and must include name and nominated age group. Date of birth ranges for each age group are as follows:
· U12 = 2009/10 (2011 kids may be considered)
· U14 = 2007/08
· U16 = 2005/06
· U18 = 2003/04
· Youth = Aged 21 or under